Wednesday, March 22, 2017

GIS and Infographics

The task for this week was to use GIS data to create an Infogrpahic. Infographics are graphical elements that contain one or more data comparisons and are used to present data while simultaneously explain the relationships or correlations within that data.

Here is my product for this task:

My map focuses on 2015 data for overall population at the county level and deaths due to vehicular accidents. These two variables were shown to be correlated in the sense that if the population increases then there will be more auto accident deaths as well.

I visually represented this data by using two separate chloropleth maps. The fact that these maps are very similar looking to one another shows the correlation between the two variables. I also used a scatter plot with a trend-line added to reinforce the correlation. I then added two more charts that should help the reader visualize the data clearly.

Overall, the theme of the map was to utilize darker colors as the background with lighter colors as the main visual elements. I did this with an overall black back ground with the various elements having a dark grey background. This allowed the different elements to have enough separation from one another so that they could be easily distinguished.

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