Monday, February 13, 2017

Proportional Symbol Mapping Using US Job Fluctuations

Proportional symbolism assigns graphical increments to map data so that the user can easily visualize changes using a method other than examining statistics or other values. It makes map usage much quicker to provide a point of insight rather than just a list of numbers. For this week, we were tasked with creating a proportional symbolized map using US job number fluctuations. This was represented by the number of jobs a state gained or how many it lost. For negative values, we had to get creative and make an absolute value column in the attribute table of a separate dataset containing only the states with declining jobs so that they could be represented using the same symbolism for the positive values.

To distinguish the values, the negative values were symbolized using red proportional circles and the positive with blue. The resulting map makes it easy to visualize areas of the US that are having success in growing jobs, as well as the magnitude of that success, and vice versa with negative job growth.

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