Monday, January 23, 2017

Application of Coordinate Systems in Modern Map Design

This week we explore the relationship between coordinate systems and modern map-making. Coordinate systems are very important because they can drastically change the shape and dimensions of map data depending on which one is being used and where on Earth the area is located.

For this week we were tasked with creating a reference map for a state within the contiguous United States of America. We were told to not use Florida which unfortunately is my favorite state, so I thought to myself, "Which state would I rather work with?". Well, I figured the food was amazing in South Carolina, so why not?

My reference map of the State of South Carolina uses the NAD 1983 State Place coordinate system. This is the most commonly used coordinate systems for South Carolina and is often the standard in government and other public use map data. It is also based entirely off of US measurements, so no converting metric to imperial for reference guides.

Without further ado, here is my map:

As with all reference maps, there is quite a large amount of information available for the reader. There is a graticule and measurement grid complete with reference points so that the user can plot a course or measure the distance between two or more points. By using the state plane coordinate system for this state, I have made it accurate and correct as far as scale and shape are concerned. This map, although crude and simplified, could be used to make fairly accurate measurements.

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